The benefits of children balanced car?

Balanced car Benefits:

1. The balance of the car movement by the medical profession as "educational" campaign by systemic muscle movement, so that the body is active relaxed state, prompting the development of the cerebellum to promote brain development, improve intelligence.

2. The balance of the car ride can create an elegant figure, long riding minors comparable age children increased 5-10 cm.

3. The balance of the financial shock sports car, insurance, odd, clever, United States in one, it enriches people's lives, to cultivate a positive person, confident, determined, aggressive personality traits have a very good role.

4. Long-term balance of the car ride can exercise balance and reflex ability, so that the shoulder, spine, legs, legs, feet, wrist fully exercise, enhance physical flexibility and skill. The benefits of these apparent benefits of healthy growth of young, not only young friends sought after, but also by the majority of parents love.

5. The balance of the car does not need a dedicated space, both in the road, park, woods road or courtyard, can be used indoors, it can ride is almost all-weather.

6. Child obesity lead to adverse consequences directly in: reduced intelligence, hands-on ability and poor motor coordination, character Gupi, lack of self-confidence, these adverse consequences will directly affect the normal adolescent physical and mental development. Riding car balance continued Brush Street 30 minutes on average consume 285 calories card, S-shaped Slalom 30 minutes on average consume 900 calories card, one hour is equivalent to running the heat consumed. So extracting 0.5-2 hours a day to practice balance the car lets you relax the pressure of work or study, so keep you away from stress, away from the effects of obesity.

7. The car balance exercise can help kids stay away from harmful television, network, enhance health and improve immunity. Promote the body's balance, coordination, flexibility, and the ability to cultivate independence.

8. treatment of myopia prevention hump. Balanced car ride back upright requirements, often riding car balance can prevent humpback, myopia. Teen approximately two months to correct a slight hump and lateral bending of the spine, so that the eye and the book to maintain an appropriate distance from the prevention of myopia.

9. enhance parent-child couples feelings. Often a person with exercise can improve marital relations, increase parent-child relationship to promote family harmony.

10. A portable storage, fitness travel correct. Balanced car easy to place, easy to carry. Public places, cars, trains can carry to enter. Skilled Usually within 20 kilometers of streets can travel.