hot wheels industry development trend In China

Size of the market (Market Size), that is, market capacity, the present report, referring to the overall size of the target product or industry, usually output, production, consumption, spending and other indicators to reflect the size of the market. One thousand research information consulting market size, not only to the size of the market over the past five years to conduct research thoroughly, but also for the next five years, industry market scale forecast analysis, market size may be directly deciding investment in new product design and development scale; in addition, the size of the market year on year growth rate, can fully reflect the industry's growth, if a product or industry in the fast growing, businesses are well worth attention and investment. Chapter III of this report for Hot Wheels industry market size and growth rate year on year have very detailed data and text description. Consumption Structure of consumption structure refers to the constituent components are consumer products or services, this report mainly from three perspectives to study the consumption structure, namely: product structure, user structure, regional structure. 1, the product structure, the main research all kinds of breakdown products or services consumption, as well as the size of the breakdown products or services in the whole market size in proportion; 2, the user structure, main products or services are sold to which users the group, as well as the scale of consumption of various types of user groups in the whole market size in proportion; 3, regional structure, main products or services which are sold to the key areas, as well as the scale of consumption in some key regional markets throughout the market the size of the share. Research on the Structure of Consumption, helps companies more accurately grasp the target customers and market segments, and to adjust product mix, better serve our customers and respond to market competition. Market share (Market shares) market share, also known as market share, sales volume refers to a company's (or sales) in the similar products in the market share. Market share is an important indicator to judge their own enterprise market position, as well as numerous medium-sized enterprises to discuss and develop an important basis for market strategy. Research for market share, the overall market is divided into market share and market share of the target market, the present report to the Chinese market as the research object, the Chinese market is the overall market, while certain provinces, municipalities, compared with the target market. Market concentration (Market Concentration Rate) market concentration (Market Concentration Rate) is the degree of concentration of market structure measure the entire industry, is to determine the basic structure of the market, the most important factor, epitomizes the competition and monopoly markets , concentration measurement indicators frequently used include: industry concentration ratio (CRn), 赫尔芬达尔 - Hirschman index (Herfindahl-HirschmanIndex, abbreviation: HHI, hereinafter referred to as Hirschman index), Lorenz curve, Gini coefficient inverse index and the entropy index, wherein the concentration ratio (CRn) and Hirschman index (HHI) two indicators are often used in antitrust economic analysis. Measurement Index of market concentration in this report using the industry concentration ratio (CRn), CRn the sum within the designated market sector before n largest share of the market, for example, CR4 means that the industry four the largest enterprise market share and. CRn greater value indicates a higher degree of monopoly in the industry, most customers are concentrated to a few of the several enterprises went. It can be in the same breath. Among the factors Li Chang hair opinion, lead to slower growth in the industry are: First, the economic downturn has brought consumer spending and consumer confidence fell; the second is to change consumer behavior, physical channels in an adjustment, negative growth of SMEs, Off shop phenomenon; Third, industry competition, product homogeneity, the products sold in different channels have declined. In addition, rents, labor costs increase, part of the brand lacks the strength out of the market, reducing buy varying degrees slowed the industry's growth rate.