Outdoor products industry development trend of fine

Textile Association Outdoor Club last week released "2015 China Outdoor Annual Report" that in 2015 China's total retail outdoor market reached 22.19 billion yuan, representing an increase of 10.51% in 2014. Among them, the retail electricity supplier channels most successful, the whole channel to achieve a growth of about 50%. In addition, skiing, riding and camping has become a major growth point of the outdoor industry. Listed companies, Mitsuo outdoor (002,780, stock it) and Pathfinder steady performance, is trying to create "outdoor supplies travel services + + big sports" collaborative ecosystem.

Analysts believe that the outdoor industry slowdown into fine development stage. But outdoor activities as a vertical classification of tourism, will also continue to benefit from strong consumer demand for travel, the number of trips year after year brings new market.

Retail growth

For three consecutive years less than 30% "post-consumer upgrade, consumer product quality and enhance brand awareness and bring customer price increases such as running, cycling, skiing and other sports bring peripheral products increased, but also to promote outdoor products an important factor in market development. "outdoor textile Association vice chairman, said Li Chang hair.

But it is worth noting that the data show that the growth rate of retail outdoor market has been less than 30% for three consecutive years, which a few years ago and frequently 30% or even 50% growth rate is quite different. Among the factors Li Chang hair opinion, lead to slower growth in the industry are: First, the economic downturn has brought consumer spending and consumer confidence fell; the second is to change consumer behavior, physical channels in an adjustment, negative growth of SMEs, Off shop phenomenon; Third, industry competition, product homogeneity, the products sold in different channels have declined. In addition, rents, labor costs increase, part of the brand lacks the strength out of the market, reducing buy varying degrees slowed the industry's growth rate.

Brands major reshuffle

The main channel into the electric business sales

Nearly half of the case for corporate profits decline, Li Chang hair explained, rising costs so that the burden on enterprises become heavier, but the outdoor market performing inventory has been effectively controlled. According to statistics, 15.23 percent of the brand inventory has decreased significantly over last year, 63.77 percent of the brand and inventory levels as last year, only 21% of the brand inventory increased slightly over last year. Domestic brand shipments amounted to 6.53 billion yuan, an increase of 14.36%; and foreign brands of shipments amounted to 5.78 billion yuan, an increase of 9.89%. He also noted the vigorous development of sports and outdoor equipment but also to the entire outdoor industry has brought new growth points, such as skiing, riding and camping.

It is reported that China's riding number 20 million, have been built car camping 1700, which will boost sales of outdoor sports equipment.