Progress of science and technology brings to the workers unemployed fear?

Before there is reported that Foxconn is vigorously develop and use robot to replace the manual labor. Announced its plan is to add more than 10,000 robots and automation equipment 100,000 sets per year. This is a very large project, even for companies like Foxconn is also true. So, we do not inquisitive Foxconn, why spend so much effort into the development of the use of robots, we just want to know that this approach will bring more manufacturers use robots instead of manual labor to do the same, leading to the average worker because of the robot Interventional lose their jobs and then to the reality of scientific and technological progress to fear.

In fact, everyone knows the reason why Foxconn robot started to increase research and development, and hopes the robot to replace the manual, in addition to the reasons for recruitment difficulties, while reducing labor costs and management costs are also focused on issues they consider. Although the scope of work of workers in the workplace broader, but certainly not those who do not eat the rest of the robot so that ah. May encounter trouble reality is that in order to use a robot to replace the manual did not so simple:

Robots work performed relatively lower, and their cost is too high

Robots like the human body and is difficult to do that kind of flexible fingers

Late robotic arms during maintenance labor costs, higher cost time

If the above three problems solved using a mechanical arm will not be a difficult thing. Foxconn former employees said that in the mobile phone OEM Foxconn's main business, the main application areas or in the robot assembly, handling aspects of front-end and back-end precision placement in the middle of the vast majority of manufacturing sectors, or must be artificial carry out.

So, consider whether it is feasible or degree from a cost, in order to truly achieve a fully automated is a challenging task, but also an advanced exploration, after all, accurate and automotive manufacturing, heavy industries compared to a lot of them , but also it takes a long time to explore. In other words, in order to use the robot arm in a short time instead of doing labor is not an easy task, as the fear thing, it is not necessary.

In addition to domestic and foreign small partners also have similar concerns. US manufacturing is a global front, it is because of this competitive pressure and high labor costs, encourage enterprises to expand their brains work and post occupancy robot undoubtedly cause for ordinary workers began to worry about their jobs job prospects.

Currently, the US media have reported that a quarter of Americans (especially in the poor income of $ 30,000 or less based) fear the development of technology will affect their employment, the figure is really surprising. According to the latest CNBC All-America Economic Survey findings show that the annual income of more than $ 100,000 of the population also has 4 percent of people have the same concerns.

Mention the fear of science and technology would have to mention the level of education of the dividing line: high school or less educated people one-fifth of fear they will be robbed robot jobs, among postgraduate qualifications only 6 per cent worry about that. CNBC poll shows the relationship between the Americans and the science and technology complex, 52% of people believe come to rely on science and technology will only make life more complicated, convenient side simply obvious. The same problem in the 1999 survey, only 39 percent think so. In fact, income and education level with such concerns directly linked, that is, the lower educated, poorer people more worried about the development of science and technology so fast, I thought I can not keep up with the times. In fact, this fear is not groundless, since 59% of respondents believe that network technology will bring high working efficiency, but they do not find it efficient output with proportional salary they receive only 35 percent admitted his salary because of the involvement of science and technology factors up, 61% of working-class people whose salary is stagnant. Or so to interpret their thoughts: With the improvement in technology, human labor was liberated, mainly because their income is not obtained by a mechanical device to make go. So they feel that their own scientific and technological progress does not have any practical benefit.

However, there is one thing in the United States is almost recognized, that is: technology development soon, too fast. 70% of respondents said the pace of scientific and technological progress completely beyond their envisaged five years ago, when only 9% opposed.

Summary: As can be seen from the above cases, the development of science and technology led to the development of the overall economy, but at the same time, the contradictions between the workers and technological achievements will be revealed, on the one hand they feel that their values are not reflect, on the other hand feel that their jobs are likely to be replaced at any time and bring a sense of anxiety robots. In fact, this is entirely unfounded, and said to be unfounded too. After all, in manufacturing, human can not be completely replaced.